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The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) brings learning, networking and advancement opportunities to women in engineering.

Why join SWE as a professional member?

Supporting RMS Members

RMS Membership focuses on supporting RMS members by highlighting their accomplishments and bringing them together for networking and fun.

Recognize RMS members, teams, or collegiates who have made an outstanding contribution to activities within SWE RMS

Discussion Club
Bring together members to network and discuss a book, podcast, movie, or any media

Local Socials
Bring together members and future members in local geographic areas within our section boundaries in a social setting

Membership Events
Welcome and engage SWE members at fun events, such as the annual membership picnic and winter celebration

My Journey. My Community. My SWE.

Women in engineering face unique challenges in the workplace and often find that they don’t have many other female colleagues to relate to. The members of Rocky Mountain Section have found a community of like-minded women in a society that is 42,000+ strong.

With only 13 percent of practicing engineers being women, groups like SWE play an important role in giving women, and others underrepresented within the STEM profession, a means of connecting with like-minded peers and developing strategies and solutions to advance professionally. 

SWE offers a variety of unique member benefits to assist members at any stage of their careers. The Advance Learning Center features hundreds of webinars and e-Learning courses covering topics of importance to women in engineering. These educational pieces provide insights and strategies that members can bring back to their teams. They also provide personal education on leadership and general advancement in the workplace. Click here to learn about some of the best webinars by career stage

SWE’s Career Center features hundreds of job openings each month from some of the largest engineering and technology organizations across the globe.

SWE’s Annual Conferences and WE Local conferences are also a great opportunity for learning and development. Offering networking, education and professional development, the Annual Conference attracts more than 18,000 women in engineering and technology from across the globe. This year, SWE’s Annual Conference, WE23, will be in Los Angeles, California October 26-28, 2023. A variety of tracks will satisfy everyone’s needs from entry-level to executive leadership. Rocky Mountain Section has been recognized at the annual conference with SWE’s Mission GOLD awards. RMS also hosts a member meet up for conference attendees. 

WE Local is a localized version of the annual conference held in seven cities across the U.S., India and Europe. Our local section also hosts meetups and other events to connect with local women in engineering and give back to the community. Spring Summit is one of our premier professional development events and has been recognized as an Outstanding Professional Development Event and an Outstanding Joint Professional/Collegiate Event. 

SWE also offers learning opportunities in the form of online and print content:

  • The organization publishes an award-winning magazine, SWE Magazine, covering the engineering industry and topics of importance to women engineers.
  • All Together is SWE’s digital news platform. Not only can you find digital SWE Magazine articles here, but coverage of other SWE members and important society news.
  • SWE’s podcast channel, Diverse, is another great collection of content featuring stories from incredible women in engineering and opinions on topics that are affecting women the most in engineering today.
  • SWE’s research site features all the latest research on women in engineering and technology, and is often useful as a reference.

SWE’s Award program is a notable opportunity for movers and shakers in the engineering industry. The program recognizes women engineers and technologists every year at a variety of levels. Receiving an award from an organization like SWE is a great honor and resume builder. 

SWE is an organization supporting women in engineering, but the non-profit has taken that a step further, recognizing that identities and a need for resources go beyond gender. SWE’s Affinity Groups are small groups within the organization where individuals share a common element of diversity and work collaboratively together. SWE has Affinity Groups for African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Connections, LGBTQ and Allies, Global Women Engineers, Small Business Women Engineers, Women in Government, Entrepreneurs, and Senior Member Engagement. Learn more about each group and request to join a group you identify with here.

One of the many reasons that SWE members continue their journey with the organization is not just the connections they are able to make with other women engineers, but the personal skills they are able to gain as a member. SWE members attribute the organization as a catalyst in their growth and leadership development. Members of SWE have a unique advantage to practice leadership skills outside of the workplace in a non-threatening environment through holding leadership positions at the local and global level. These opportunities prepare employees for experiences they will face in their careers and give them the confidence to approach leadership roles earlier than they may have otherwise. 

Through SWE membership, women in engineering will advance in their careers and connect with the world’s largest network of women in engineering and their allies. Visit to explore more about SWE and join or renew today!