Collegiate Engagement

Connecting and supporting collegiate sections within our section boundary.

RMS regularly hosts programs and events that directly partner with local collegiate SWE sections.

Collegiate Counselors
A liaison between collegiate and professional members. Local Collegiate Sections may request a counselor.

Gear Up Collegiate Partnered Speaker Series
Events designed for early professionals and collegiates. Each session partners with a Collegiate Section to engage the collegiates to co-host events. 

Professional Enrichment Talks 
Professional development events that are either directly partnered with a Collegiate Section or are designed for early professionals and collegiates.

Scholarship awards to graduating high school seniors and students already enrolled or re-entering in a computer science or engineering program.

Spring Summit
A one day professional development conference and awards ceremony co-hosted with a local Collegiate Section.

Local Collegiate SWE Sections

There are 5 chartered college sections and 1 affiliate of SWE within RMS geography that we engage and support. Additionally, RMS is supporting the chartering of University of Denver.