Social Media

Connect with RMS

RMS has several options for you to stay connected with us. Join the Rocky Mountain Section community and be part of the conversation.

RMS Awarded Mission Best Practice in Communication

RMS invested in expanding how we share happenings with our members, and those efforts were recognized with an award. Read about our award on our blog.

Social Page vs. Group

RMS holds company social platforms for you to follow, share, comment, and like for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Company pages are led by RMS creating content to share with you. These are primarily used to share news and happenings within the RMS community. If you know of something that RMS should share with the community, either send an email or tag us in your own post.

RMS also hosts group pages on Facebook and LinkedIn that intended to create a community for RMS members and friends to share information and ask questions within the group. While a job post every once-in-awhile is acceptable (think once every few months), active recruiting (posting more than once a month) is not. Using these platforms to sell your merchandise that is not in direct support of SWE or RMS is also not acceptable. Please share your local and online events that other SWEople might like to join; highlight SWE news; share your accomplishments or challenges; and support the RMS community.