Marketing Guide

RMS Marketing Guide

Guidelines to ensure a strong, professional, and consistent marketing and branding strategy for the SWE Rocky Mountain Section.

Marketing & Branding Strategy

The RMS Marketing & Branding Strategy supplements SWE Headquarters Brand Guidelines for the Rocky Mountain Section.

Download SWE Brand Guidelines, Logos, and Templates on SWE’s website.

SWE Social Media Style Guideline

The Social Media Style Guidelines cover the entirety of the SWE brand on social media including the guidelines for content as it relates to profiles and postings, best practices and uses for hashtags. Direction for social interaction via internal SWE relations is also included.

RMS Letter Template

The SWE Rocky Mountain Section Letter Template is for formal correspondence and may be used in print or electronic format. Open Sans style fonts are required. See Fonts section on this page.

RMS PowerPoint Template

The SWE Rocky Mountain Section PowerPoint Template includes master templates that align with designated branding. This includes Collegiate Engagement (orange with teal), Membership (yellow), Outreach (green with light purple accent), Professional Development (teal), Spring Summit (dark gray with dark teal and gold), SWENext (bright green with light blue), Purple, Gold, and Light Gray standards. Basic introduction slides are included within the template.


SWE logos should be used in their original colors and aspect ratio. Spacing guidelines for the SWE logo are one-half the size of the “e” in SWE from other adjacent logos. Refer to the full branding guidelines for additional information.


SWE uses Open Sans and Open Sans Condensed fonts. After downloading, change the .doc extension to .zip, then unzip the file. Double click the ttf files and load into your font library.

QR Codes

RMS quick-response codes may be used on digital and print media.