RMS at WE23 Los Angeles

Over 50 RMS representatives traveled to Los Angeles to attend the world’s largest conference for women in engineering and technology from October 26-28. More members joined the conference virtually.

Congratulations to the 2023 award recipients. RMS was recognized for the Mission Awards.

  • 2023 SWE Mission Gold
  • 2023 SWE Mission Best Practice – Communication
  • 2023 SWE Mission Best Practice – Diversity & Inclusion

You may read more about those on the WE23 Mission Awards blog post.

RMS Members at the WE23 Los Angeles Awards Celebration

Additionally, 4 RMS members were recognized with individual awards this year.

WE23 Awards

Carol Lang

Gabriella Bailado

Brianne Hoppes

Rebecca Morones

WE23 Sessions

RMS was well represented across the live and pre-recorded sessions with 6 members presenting at listen & learn lectures, snap sessions, or informational sessions.

Breaking Free from a Career Rut

Heather Doty
Are you feeling stuck? The signs can be subtle – a gut feeling that something is off, questioning everything, a general sense of “meh” – and it can ultimately impact both your professional and personal life. It’s important to know that you are not alone – people in multiple industries and countries experience this, even before the unsettling events of the past few years that led many of us to reexamine our priorities. While this is typically known as a “mid-career slump” or “mid-life crisis”, it can happen at any age or stage of your career. This session explores research into why these ruts happen, and will share effective, proactive tools and strategies for breaking free – some of which may surprise you!

You Too Can Be an Instructor at a University!

Lisa Woodward
Have you ever thought that you would like to teach at a college or university, but you felt it was not possible without an advanced degree. Well think again, many colleges and universities are looking for someone just like yourself with an engineering degree and real-life experience. Come join me for talk about how the open the doors to this new opportunity.

R&D Your Mind: Coping with Anxiety and Depression

Cleo Weber
Not to sound like an infomercial, but have you or someone you know been struggling with depression or anxiety? Do you not know where to start gaining coping skills? Mental health, now more than ever, is a highly visible and widely discussed issue, but with that comes an information overload. In this session you will hear from someone who has major depressive disorder and general anxiety disorder, and someone who has a family member with major depressive disorder. You will have space to share and interact with others who have similar experiences. This session will cover coping techniques for depression and/or anxiety as well as how to be a support for someone with these disorders.

But That’s NOT What I Said

Christi Wisleder
Science proved that men and women think differently, so it’s not surprising that they communicate differently, too. How you sit, how you walk, how you talk, and what you say are associated with gender norms. Falling within or outside of those norms can convey very different messages. The business world also has gender favoritism with its language and structure. You know what intelligence quotient (IQ) is and may already be familiar with the concept of emotional intelligence (EQ), but what do you know about gender intelligence (GQ)? Is that even a real thing? Take the gender intelligence quiz and learn where your GQ rates. Next, identify ways to improve your GQ. Maybe men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but you can learn to interpret each other’s language. So whether you speak Martian or Venusian, it’s time to learn the other language with lessons in gendered communication.

PDG Check-In Hours

Anna Sparks
PDG Chair-Elect Anna Sparks hosted office hours for the Program Development Grants. Micro-grants are available to support the strategic activities of SWE Organizations (Sections, MALs, Society Committees, or Affiliates). Requests must be at least $250, and $5,000, considered in four application cycles. Grants must be submitted at least 45 days prior to your event occurring. If you are a section, you must be in good standing to submit a PDG grant. This does not directly apply to global affiliates or affinity groups, but you must be a registered group to be eligible for a PDG grant. Treasurer or fiscal authority verifies your request.
The event manager and Treasurer or fiscal authority must be active (paid) SWE members to submit a PDG grant. Funds will be sent via the group’s Billhighway account. All volunteers working with youth under age 18 at SWE events must complete SWE’s Youth Protection training prior to the event.

What Makes a Building Sustainable and Why Should I Care?

Mia Miller
Have you ever wondered how much the hotel you stayed at for this conference contributes to your carbon footprint? In this session, we dive into the real climate impact of the buildings we occupy every day. The built environment is responsible for 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Sustainable building design requires meeting the needs of occupants, the community, and the planet. In this session, we will share concerns for the impact of existing buildings and how to improve them and provide insight into what the next generation of buildings will require to significantly reduce emissions. We will discuss leading edge technology in heating and cooling systems, building envelopes, and electrification. This session is intended to start from ground zero and allow everyone to gain a deeper understanding of sustainable practices in the built environment.

Connecting at WE23

The next  largest and most comprehensive professional development event for women in engineering and technology will be WE24 Chicago from October 24-26, 2024.

2024 Scholarship Awards

2024 Scholarship Awards

Scholarship Chairs:​Sarah Green (Entering Freshmen) and Jennifer Buechler (College) The Society of Women Engineers Rocky Mountain Section awards scholarships each year to students entering college and students in college in CO & WY. These scholarships are meant to help students continue to excel and reach their educational goals. We want to give a special thank you…

2024 RMS Summit Awards
Members | Awards

2024 RMS Summit Awards

The SWE RMS Summit Awards are presented to RMS members, teams, or collegiates who have made an outstanding contribution to activities within RMS during the fiscal year. Nominees are judged based on the significance of the achievements cited on behalf of the nominee and on the contributions of the nominee to various RMS activities. RMS Summit…

2024 Spring Summit Recap
College | Prof Dev

2024 Spring Summit Recap

2024 Spring Summit Recap RMS brings you ​this one day professional development conference and awards ceremony. The 2024 Spring Summit co-hosted by Rocky Mountain Section and University of Colorado Denver Section was a great success! The theme was Empowering Possibilities – reflecting on purpose, resilience, and joy, we strengthen our connection, empowering ourselves and each other. It was…

2024 Essay Contest Results

2024 Essay Contest Results

Essay Contest Chair:   Bomsaerah Seong The results of the 37th annual Great Women in Engineering and Science Essay Contest are in! The competition was fierce again this year with 38 entries from 9 schools in Colorado and Wyoming. A panel of volunteer judges enjoyed reviewing all of the essays. Congratulations to every entrant! The Great Women…

SWE Mission Award Profession 2023 Gold Badge

WE23 Mission Awards

SWE Rocky Mountain Section was honored at WE23 with SWE Mission awards. The aim of these awards is to highlight areas of focus within the SWE strategic goals and showcase groups that have gone above and beyond to help make these goals a reality. RMS was recognized with: 2023 SWE Mission Gold RMS was one…

2023 WE Local Awards

2023 WE Local Awards

RMS received two WE Local awards in 2023 and accepted both awards in person at WE Local Seattle. ​ RMS Members at 2023 WE Local Seattle Awards Celebration with FY23 President Dayna Johnson The Spring Summit is a one-day conference for engineers, technologists, students, and diversity champions to connect through professional development workshops, inspirational speakers,…