RMS 2022 Summit Awards

The SWE RMS Section Awards are presented to SWE RMS members, teams, or collegiates who have made an outstanding contribution to activities within SWE RMS during the fiscal year. Nominees are judged based on the significance of the achievements cited on behalf of the nominee and on the contributions of the nominee to various SWE RMS activities. RMS Summit Awards were recognized at the 2022 Spring Summit event held on April 2, 2022, at the Colorado School of Mines campus. This year RMS recognized the following members for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the section. ​

Sarah Green
Membership Award with emphasis in Mutual Support 

Sarah serves as the University of Wyoming Collegiate Counselor where her role has notably strengthened the UW collegiate and RMS professional relationship by encouraging students to become engaged with RMS hosted events and increased the number of scholarship applicants. 

​Sarah also serves as the FY22 Freshmen Scholarship Chair, the Spring Summit Professional/Collegiate joint event planning committee, and has recently volunteered to be on the FY23 Nominating Committee that creates a slate for next year’s Executive Council. 

We recognize Sarah with the ‘Membership Award’ because she has enhanced member’s experiences by helping better connect them to activities and opportunities that the section offers which coincide with their personal interests. Through her work in SWE RMS, she has exemplified the SWE Core Value of Mutual Supporter. As reference, a Mutual Supporter is defined as the following: “provides an organization that fosters mentoring, and the development of professional and personal networks”. Specifically for Sarah, we highlight her willingness to jump in to fill any gaps in the section’s needs and her continued involvement as a past EC member, chair, and volunteer.

Shawnee Joyce
Communicator Award

Shawnee helped lead the Revitalize and Reenergize focus area topic of Marketing/Branding/Communications at the Strategic Planning meeting for the section. She created the Marketing & Branding Strategy document and worked closely with RMS leadership to implement that plan and fill the leadership roles needed to make it successful.

She then stepped in as the Marketing Chair, overseeing both the Marketing Committee and Social Media Committee. With Shawnee’s leadership, both committees showcased their skills with a focused marketing campaign for the President’s Celebration, a notable impact was observed on college scholarship applications, and an increased follower base on RMS social media channels, all thanks to Shawnee’s initiatives. Shawnee also serves as the co-chair for the Gear Up Collegiate Partnered Speaker Series. This newer program was recently recognized with a WE Local Award.

We recognize Shawnee with the ‘Communicator Award’ for her continued efforts to move the needle by identifying areas where the section is lacking and leading initiatives to create a solution. Specifically, the establishment of a new committee and marketing documents for the section that have significantly impacted the social media footprint of numerous committee efforts, ongoing and upcoming events, and the section’s marketing and branding as a whole.

Bomsaerah Seong
Newcomer Award

Bomsaerah joined SWE RMS immediately after graduation and served as the Collegiate Co-Chair for the 2020 Spring Summit Committee that was later canceled due to Covid-19. Despite ongoing difficulties with the pandemic, she stayed on to support the 2021 Committee as a professional member and most recently stepped into a significant leadership role as the 2022 Spring Summit Professional Chair. 

Under her leadership, SWE RMS has continued to foster a successful partnership with the Colorado School of Mines SWE section and has ensured quality professional development content is readily available to members.
 We recognize Bomsaerah with the ‘Newcomer Award’ for her continued and growing contributions to the section as a recent graduate. In particular, for her role progression from contributor to leader over the last couple of years.

President Celebration Committee
Member Recognition Award

The Member Recognition Award is awarded to a section member(s) who has gone above and beyond to highlight another member’s contributions and achievements to the section, or organization at large. In the case of the President Celebration Committee, the team rallied to plan, navigate the logistics, and fundraise over the course of 2 years to put on a phenomenal event for FY21 SWE President, Heather Doty. 
​The committee paid close attention to detail and hosted a Mardi Gras themed party in downtown Boulder. The celebration was complete with food, decorations, dancing, and a slew of SWE friends and guests from all over the country who claimed “they wouldn’t miss it for the world”. 
 The committee had to adapt to the constantly changing Covid-19 protocols and pivoted multiple times to ensure Heather would be recognized for her service to SWE while ensuring the health and safety of all attendees and staff remained a priority. Committee Members include: Madalene Fetsch, Megan Schulze, Casey Waggy, Jannine Rouw, Kaitlin Chapman, Christi Wisleder, and Lisa Woodward.

GESTEM-Virtual Committee
Outreach Award

With the uncertainty of the ongoing pandemic, many of SWE RMS’s initiatives and in-person events quickly had to pivot to a remote platform. The GESTEM Committee had the difficult task of transforming one of the largest in-person outreach events that the section hosts annually to a purely virtual event. The GESTEM Committee rebranded the event GESTEM-V. The event allowed students to participate in two interactive and completely virtual workshops led by industry members via Microsoft Teams. 

The GESTEM Planning Committee worked over a course of several months to deliver an extremely organized and logistically challenging event that impacted over 200 students in the Denver metro area. Their hard work, seamless coordination, and enthusiasm for the event not only set a new bar for the section’s virtual outreach programs but also continued SWE RMS’ impact to underrepresented populations of students in the Denver-metro area. Committee Members Include: Sarah Gilmore (Chair), Amy Tank, Ashley Kreuder, Betsy Gillard, Corey Schlager, Erin Doan, Jessica Swenson, Kate Rayon, Meilin Ossanna, Laura Mersmann, Sam Killingsworth, and Marisa Ceppi.

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